Gap Year Ninja


You're on your gap year with dreams of travelling the world, but for some strange reason all airplanes have only one seat remaining.

Race your opponent to collect the letters that make up a capital city name. Get the name of the city correct first and you'll win your seat on the plane!

Collect as many cities as possible to beat your opponent and have the most amazing gap yar ever!

Which continent would you like to explore?


Letters will be randomly spread on a grid. You will have 30 seconds to collect the letters. You can only collect the letters in the correct order. At 15 seconds a clue will be displayed at the top of the screen for both players.

Note - If the city name is made up of two words, the space will be represented by a coloured tile with no letter in it.

Player One keys: A (left), W (up), D (right), S (down) and Q (pickup character).

Player Two keys: ← (left), ↑ (up), → (right), ↓ (down) and enter (pickup character).

game demonstration gif

Game Over!